Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sequencing Stories

I planned to write something completely different today but as I stumbled my way around this afternoon I discovered this fantastic teaching tool I would like to share.

Everyone knows the story of the gingerbread man or learns it very early in their school life. There are many activities that can be made from the book including games to be played. This creative site gives you a free download of a great sequencing activity to cut and paste which can be done at home or in the classroom.

It is a great example of how easy it is to make a simple sequencing activity out of any early reader or short chapter book. As kids get older and capable of reading longer books they can make their own sequencing activities to share with each other. 

If you can draw simple figures, why not have a go yourself? Be adventurous, your kids will love it! Choose a favoourite fairy tale, decide who are the main characters and what are the key events. Illustrate them as simpley as you like. Remember you only need to outline them the kids will be happy to colour them in. Cut them out and rearrange for your little ones to put back in order. If they are struggling with that home reader, don't forget you can use that too!

One of the reasons I chose to write my first children's book about a gingerbread alien was because of the familiarity of the much loved gingerbread man character. I just added a new twist to the way he was made and developed a unique and funny story from there. If you like you can visit my website and have a sneak peak. For those of you who already have a copy of my book you could very easily make your own sequencing story from some of the illustrations provided, just add a sentence or two to each so that your child has to read as he/she places them in order. I already know which pictures most kids would choose!
Scan me a copy, I'd love to see what they do ! :)

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