Thursday, 15 November 2012

Playing with Words

Dr Seuss was a master at it. So clever with rhyming words his books have spanned several generations.

The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, One Fish Two Fish are just a few of his tales that have delighted children all over the world with word play as they have leanrt to read.

Books written in rhyming verse provide hours of entertainment for young readers. Whether it is Dr Seuss, a favourite nursery rhyme or a million other cleverly written children's books. They are a valuable resource that will engage your young reader for hours. 

As you or your child reads each line, get them to guess or predict the rhyming word at the end of the next line. They will have fun making up words and seeing if it makes sense or not. They might even guess the right word, providing instant success in their reading. is an online resourse that lists an abundance of word families (rhymimg words) that you can use to get you started. It lists rhyming words from back,crack, Jack, stack to bunk, drunk.skunk and trunk.
It includes a list of nursery rhymes like, Hey Diddle Diddle, Five Speckled Frogs, Humpty Dumpty and There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, just to name a few.
The site also provides printable activity mini books to read, complete and colour. They look at rhyming words with endings such as "at", "ad" and "all'.

"Lester and Clyde: and "Lester and Clyde Running Scared" written by James Reece are two great colourful picture books full of fun and fantastic word play. They provide ample opportunity for word substitution or "prediction". I'm sure you can find just as many useful books on your shelf or in your library.

Above all have fun with it! Word play is just that, "play!" What better way to learn to read?

Below is my favourite quote from Dr Seuss, if you can read you can learn and do anything with your life. Reading enables you to strive to achieve!

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