Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Do you use multi media to your advantage?

Reading resources come in all shapes and sizes just like our kids!

What suits one child may not particulary suit another. They are all individuals that learn in so many different ways. As a parent, we need to be aware of these differences and find a variety of reading avenues for our children to cater for their learning differences.

Let your child watch a favourite TV programme or DVD but do so with the closed caption feature on so that they can read along. This will build their sight word vocabulary as the frequently used words become more recognisable.

Watch a movie, then read the book. Compare the two. Which does your child prefer and why? This can be done for different age groups by carefully selecting the level of story book and movie. An early reader may watch a Disney cartoon then read the corresponding picture book. The detail in the book obviously is much more limiting but enjoyable as an easy bedtime story. A pre-teen might read the first Harry Potter after seeing the movie and realise how much more detail and storyline are actually in the books. They may even decide to read the entire series!

Audio books and ebooks are great to read along with in the car on those long drives especially as we enter the summer holiday season, they are especially entertaining and useful. Your child hears and sees the printed word, making it easy to follow along.

Tape your child reading, either audio only or include the full video. Kids are naturally egocentric so they'll love playing it back to watch themselves and hear how they improve each time they read.

X-box and Play Station both have Kareoke games. I can't think of any little girl or boy who doesn't love to hold a microphone! Let them sing away! Look at all the reading they are doing while they are interacting, dancing and having fun!

 In fact any console games you can name include a certain amount of reading. It is up to you to decide which are appropriate for your child and how often or limited the use should be. Good  supervision is always the key.

The same can be said for PC use. You may allow your child access to certain games on your computer or restrict it to internet usage to research information. As an information tool the internet can provide a world of information but there are some excellent learning games available also. This an an excellent example of reading  games available/for free on the internet. Is ideal for the reluctant reader in years 3/4. All about an alien coming to earth and in need of learning our language to communicate. Do your homework, research the many differnt types of games that might be appropriate and that your reader might enjoy.

While you're on the internet and playing with aliens, check out youtube, your home reader might like to see my brief video for my book Gingerbread Aliens. Gingerbread Aliens! Gingerbread Aliens! Find out what happens when three brothers making gingerbread men in their mothers kitchen, goes horribly wrong? htpp://www.inspiringbooks...

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