Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Sandra Bennett – Out of this World FUN!

My newest and candid interview is now posted by Jessica Schaub. Read on to learn where I get my ideas from. Find out what are some of my greatest moments in my writing career and learn my suggestions to aid struggling readers.
Originally posted on Jessica Schaub Books:
Ready for something fun? Sandra Bennett is it. Her book, Gingerbread Aliens, is wonderfully crafted to draw even the most reluctant reader into the literary world. I am thrilled to introduce to you, a great lady fro Down Under, Sandra Bennett!
Sandra Bennett
Your book, Gingerbread Aliens, had my son in a fit of giggles! He loved it. You clearly have a talent for sparking joy and laughter in the young at heart. Where does this wisdom come?
I have always felt laughter is the key to encourage children to develop a love of reading, so that makes me delighted when I hear that my book has tickled someone else’s sense of humour. Our own house has always been full of laughter and entertainment with my boys and all their friends. I notch up a lot of my ideas from the wonderful experiences they have all brought to my life. I believe…
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