Friday, 27 June 2014

A Mission, A Dream, and a Cat – Meet Virginia Ripple

This weeks Pay it Forward Interview is from Christian Fantasy Author Virginia Ripple. On reading it I was surprised to learn that Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings was considered Christian Fantasy. You learn something new every day! She has some great advice on time management for those writers struggling to organise their daily routine and I love the point Virginia makes about taking time out each day to be still, quiet and listen, Read on to find out more about this fascinating and prolific author.
Originally posted on Jessica Schaub Books:
Over the last several months, and for months to come, I’ve been interviewing authors who have self-published their work or have published through small publishing houses. From each, I’m amazed by the mission behind each book and the hopes of the author to share a theme. I have learned something valuable from each – and the trend continues this week with Virginia Ripple.
If you are a fan of fantasy and also appreciate authors who include their faith, then Virginia’s books are certainly for you!
2Apprentice Cat Toby with mysterious eyes
1. In your biography on your website, you shared something that really struck home – While working part-time as a Religious Education Director and writing the other half “the teeter totter of passions unbalanced” your life and you found yourself writing less. Many people reading this will find encouragement that they are not alone in feeling frustrated with not having enough time to write. What…
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