Friday, 6 June 2014

Write to Empower – An Interview with Author Nikki Rosen

This weeks Pay it Forward interview is from Nikki Rosen, an inspirational author who has written not only from the heart but from truth. Nikki’s book has been helping women all over the world since publication. Read on to find out how and why?
Originally posted on Jessica Schaub Books:
When I first started the Pay-It-Forward Author Interview Series, I knew I would meet all types of writers from all over the country and the world. I’ve been amazed by the stories they write, their candid honesty about the writing process, and their willingness to share secrets of their craft with others. How often in other businesses do you find people in the same business so willing to help one another? The ‘secret sauce’ and the ‘family recipe’ are well guarded to keep that something special an exclusive right.
Not so with stories.
I am amazed by the writers who have come to share their work – and now I am humbled by Nikki Rosen, author of In the Eye of Deception: A True Story, Dancing Softly, Twisted Innocence, and No Hope? Know Hope: A Healing Journey.
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Nikki has won awards for her writing, and rightly so. Her story…
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