Monday, 4 February 2013

A Renovator's delight - Writing.Com

 For those kids a little older that might like something a little scary to read. Be warned it might give you goosebumps! 

This story won first place in the 2011 Halloween Contest against some terrific writers on, I must admit I was very proud and honoured to win this award and am pleased to share it with you now.

When you are at school this year and your teacher asks you to write a story, remember the best stories come from writing about what you know. Things that are familiar to you are always easiest to write about and are the best place to start.

"A Renovator's Delight" came from a true ghost story told around a bon fire one night. It actually happened!!!!
Someone did buy an old English pub to renovate and they did experience all the things I mention in the story. I just embellished the story to fit in with the Halloween theme and brought it all together so that the events occured in one evening instead of over several nights.It's amazing how with a little imagination you can stretch the truth into a spine tingling tale that just might keep you awake at night!

A Renovator's delight - Writing.Com

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