Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Meet Julie Krantz – a Teenage Superhero Mastermind!

Welcome this week to our third interview in our Pay it Forward series Meet Julie Krantz who shares her passion for Holden Caulfeild, Nancy Drew and even Great Expectation’s Pip as part of her inspiration and motivation for writing.
Julie is a kindred spirit in that she believes in the importance of really making kids laugh when they are reading.
Read on to learn more about this amazing writer, her journey into the world of self publishing and her wonderful books.
Originally posted on Jessica Schaub Books:
There is something incredible about writing a book. Not only do I spend time reading and researching, writing and rewriting, there is the moment when the book is finished and I expect a ticker-tape parade. Every time I’ve finished a manuscript, there has been no trumpet blare, no pat on the back, and I am always alone. Writing is a solitary activity – for the most part. That’s why I’m enjoying these interviews so much! I can offer a virtual celebration of work well done, an Internet pat on the back, and we can come together, however briefly, as members of the writing world.
I’m thrilled to introduce you to Julie Krantz, fellow writer, mother of four, and author of several books geared toward our world’s youth. I feel like I’ve meet a kindred sprit! We have much in common. Julie shares her story, her writing, and her experiences with…
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