Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Taste of Thailand - Writing.Com

 Memories of Thailand Came Flooding Back.

This week I became a member of the Goodreads Author community. As I sat to consider and compile the long list of all the books I have read over the years I realised that as a former Primary school teacher and now children's author, naturally most of my favourite books I listed were from the Children's and Young Adult genres.
However there were also a good many books I have read from a wide range of genres depnding on my mood and needs just as I have always advocated to the kids I have taught. A key to not getting bored with reading is to read from as many genres as possible. Read from wherever the whim may take you.

The book I found myself drawn to review first was actually one I read many years ago while living in Thailand.
"Mai Pen Rai Means Never Mind" by Carol  Hollinger.
Her experiences of expat life may have been written about life in Thailand in the 1950's and 60's and I was there in the mid 90's but nothing appeared to have changed greatly. The Mai Pen Rai attitde was still and always will be the basic foundation of Thai everyday life that keeps life simple and stress free.

As I wrote my review many fond memories came rushing back to the forefront of my brain. I was desperate to write them all down, keen to record the stories of my families experiences and adventures. I wrote a story about one of those experience and shared it on writing.com in 2011. Below is the link to that story to share with everyone now.

A Taste of Thailand - Writing.Com

If you click on the Goodreads link you will find my review of Mai Pen Rai, while you're there you can always take a moment to add a rating or review of Gingerbread Aliens too!

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  1. Hi Sandra. Just wanted to write a short comment to let you know that I visited you blog, and to further let you know that I will be visiting the land down under in May! OK - yes, I'm excited, and that's and understatement!