Tuesday, 19 February 2013

From Boys to Men

Raising boys can be quite a challenge, enticing them to read can be even more difficult.

Boys are finicky, wiggly, busy creatures no matter what their age. Inquisitive, imaginative, and ready to explore the world. They don't have much time to sit still and read a book. This can still be true when they become adults unless you form good reading habits at an early age.

As parents and teachers we need to harness some of that energy to be able to channel it into reading so that they can learn more that will enable them to investigate and grow with the world around them.

Find books that will intrigue their natural curiosity. My middle son grew up with a fascination for all things Star Wars. So the books I supplied were filled with all the technical drawings of the Millenium Falcon, the X-Wing Fighter etc in books like "The Incredible Cross-Sections.". I left them lying around on the coffee table, it didn't take long for him to pick them up and start pouring through them. Then I added a few of the illustrated Star Wars cartoon books and before long he progressed to the chapter books that happened to find themselves in the pile.

Sometimes subtly takes awhile to sink in and you may need other strategies. Try reading a joke book or something funny to yourself. When he hears you laughing, natural curiosity will take over. He'll just have to join in and start reading whatever you are reading. Some of our favourites were from Paul Jennings series such as the Rascal series, Gizmo and Singenpoo. Andy Griffiths produced some really funny books too, my boys really enjoyed the "Just" series, Just Disgusting, Just Tricking,Just Annoying etc.Morris Gleitzman with Toad Rage and Toad Heaven were also fantastic reads that kept our boys laughing all the way to the end. If you are looking for something new to read, I haven't met a boy yet that hasn't laughed all the way through my book Gingerbread Aliens. I have been told of boys that usually don't bother with books have found it lying around, picked it up out of curiosity and not been able to put it down. This is music to my ears, I reached my goal!

If quiet reading and uproarious laughter don't hook him, try reading a chapter out loud at bedtime to him. Make sure you end on a good hook and leave the book on his bedside table Don't be surprised if the light is still on when you go to bed as he just couldn't resist finding out what happned next?


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